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Have you missed thrilling feelings in your life? If yes, this series is just created for you. It is new but has already deserved the critical acclaim. So, you are compelled to watch it under any circumstances. The series is, by the way, renewed for the third installment that it to premiere in summer 2017.

Brief review

Founded on the bestselling novel penned by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge under the same title, the series presents the integral part of the programming list on the CBS channel having premiered on it in June 2015. The second part saw the light of day in this past June.
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The series stars James Wolk from Mad Men. His character is a zoologist who notices strange animal behavior that leads to numerous attacks on humans throughout the world.

Plot summary

Our character is exploring deserted locations in Africa for the most of his time. Once he discovers that animal behavior is cunning and ferocious. Their anger is more and more often directed to humans. There is no doubting that this unusual state of things should not be left without scrupulous investigation. The underlying cause of the problem should be found as it can be dangerous enough for all of us.
It turns our ultimately that it is pandemic and the cure must be found. Is our character ready for this?

Following rating issues

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There was one problem about the project. The thing is that while shooting the project, the real animals were used as true cast members. Animal rights advocacy group PETA protested this.
This protest did not influence the story ratings. They are reckoned to be blinding now. The series debut garnered more than 8 million people in 2015. Then, the rating dropped to the average viewership constituting 6 million watchers per episode.
The premiere of the second debut was preceded by the two-hour special. In June 2016, we were lucky to follow new twists and turns of the narrative. There the characters face the new level of animal mutation. The tense is growing. Is it ever possible to bring everything back? How will the crew of Jackson manage to cope with the task that comes to be complicated by the ferocity of the pandemic every day?

Catching up with the news

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You can get a full reply to all those questions after watching the next pack of episodes. Yes, you have not misunderstood us. Just a couple of weeks ago we were informed that the third chapter of the series would take place come rain or shine. The tradition will be followed as the launch timeframe of the upcoming season is summer 2017.
The final release of the current chapter is scheduled for September 6, 2016. Thus, the renewal is an early one and in fact, there is no wondering why. It is the highest-rated show on CBS after Big Brother.
We are not hoping that the Zoo season 3 release date will appear in the near future but some other details can be preliminarily exposed. So, stay tuned in order to catch all of them in the nick of time.


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