Z Nation 3 Season Release Date

Z Nation 3 season release date

Z Nation 3 season release date was announced by SyFy. The details are disclosed further.

In mid-September, the channel SyFy has started showing the second season of the post-apocalyptic series. Devoted fans of the series are now interested when will be Z Nation 3 season premiere? Many viewers ask what to expect from Z Nation season 3 episode 1? When will the creators be presented by the release date of the new series?
The main roles in the series are performed by Mark Carr, Harold Perrineau, Keith Allan, Tom Everett Scott, K. Smith and Michael Welch.

The Plot:

Events in the series take place three years after America struck a terrible zombie virus. The epidemic almost instantly wiped out most of the world’s population. As much as many people were hiding and cautious, the number of zombies increases exponentially. It is almost impossible for humans to survive. But some have decided to fight for his chance.

Z Nation 3 season release date was announced by SyFy

The small group of people managed to escape a terrible fate. Now these people want to revive mankind. In this difficult task will help them the only hero who was a man after being bitten by a zombie. On the territory of California operates a laboratory that can conduct deep analyzes of the blood of this lucky to get an antidote. These antibodies can be the basis for drugs against the zombie virus. One problem is the man in New York.
To bring him to California created a special team led by Hammond, who helps military expert Garnett. Besides them, the team has Dr. Murch and other wanderers.
Z Nation 3 season release date was confirmed for autumn of 2016.
DVD and Bluray release date of Z Nation 3 season will happen at the end of 2016.
While waiting for watch Z Nation 2 season trailer:

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