The Young Pope Season 1 Release Date

The Young Pope Season 1 Release Date


Jude Law will participate in The Young Pope season 1 episode 1 describing the life of the fictional Pope Pius XIII, in the world known as Lenny Belardo, the first in the hiStory of Italian-American pontiff – a person with complicated nature and destiny.

The Young Pope season 1 release date was announced by HBO for autumn of 2016. There is no news about The Young Pope season 1 release date on Bluray and DVD, let’s wait for the official updates.


The Golden Globe and Academy Award winner Diane Keaton ( Annie Hall) will partner Jude Law in the upcoming series by HBO The Young Pope season 1 premiere.


The Young Pope season 1 is an 8-episode project that tells the Story of a fictional American pope, Pius XIII (Lowe),  Lennie Belardo, who becomes one of the most conservative leaders of the Catholic Church in its hiStory. Vatican does not recognize the flattery of sycophants and full of compassion for the weak and the poor, Pius faces the prospect of losing all those who close to him, even God. Keaton will play her sister Mary, a nun from the United States, living in the Vatican.

Interesting Facts

  • The Young Pope season 1 premiere will be the first television project of Italian director Paolo Sorrentino (The Great Beauty). He will direct all eight episodes, the script for which co-wrote with Tony Grisoni, Umberto and Stefano Kontarello;
  • For Keaton the participation in the project is the return on HBO, where she served as the executive producer of the movie Elephant in 2003, which became the winner of the Cannes Film Festival;
  • The European media giant FremantleMedia International (FMI) acquired the rights to distribute the promising big-budget international project – the mini-series The Young Pope will be developed in the collaboration of HBO, Sky and Canal Plus.

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Get a First Look at Jude Law as ‘The Young Pope’

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