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Do you love animals and feel pity for those disabled and unwanted creatures? If you answer is positive, you are welcome to viewing a relatively new reality project under the title “Yankee Jungle” which enlarges upon the life of animals and the attempts of the show participants to help them to survive. Now we have two season at our disposal and hope for the soonest renewal.

Brief review: creators, channel, pioneer season premiere

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Yankee Jungle is considered to be a documentary reality serial aired on the channel titled Animal Planet. The series stars Stephen Jordan, Bob Miner, and Jason Brett Hodgdon. The fabrication studio is reckoned to be Lone Wolf Documentary Group.
The pioneer chapter debuted at the end of November in 2014. The latest second season was brought to broadcast in January this year. At the current moment, we have 9 episodes of the show available.

What is the documentary series about?

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The action of the show takes place in unusual zoo in Maine which immediate owned named Bob and Julie Miner have agreed to let the behind-the-scene crew and the participants of the show penetrate into their sanctuary full of various disabled animals, as for example, camels, gibbons, wild cats, and many others. It presents a very curious fact that considering the project quite a interesting idea, the owners have refrained from participating in the show as they are not fond of those things that follow such projects (leading various scripted conversations, staged on-goings, and others). That’s why the developers have nothing to do but to gather the team of the participants of the show who will be taking the role of animals’ caretakers.

Rating level and chances of renewal

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It is curious that the appearing of the serial on TV screens has caused some protest movement concerning the awful conditions in which the animals are living. These protestants are also against the sale of the animals for profit.
The rating of the serial is evaluated as above-average. If to take a peek into the results of voting on IMDb (more than 8 points from 10), we can conclude that we are dealing with the project that is about to stay with us for a long period of time. As of January this year, the audience of the show constitutes 1 million people that should be enough for the developers to keep producing the show.
In spite of the opponents’ moving which is also, by the way, contributes in some way to the popularity, the ratings of the show are growing constantly. But the developers are still to shape the future of the show. Thus, the Yankee Jungle season 3 release date is yet to be defined as well as the possibility of the resumption itself. Let’s hope that it’s only about the intrigue that the creators are keeping in order to whet our appetite.
Stay tuned with us in order to get inspiring news coming from the reliable sources timely in order not to miss the premiere day of your favorite documentary series about animals.


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