X-Men TV Show Release Date

X-Men TV show release date

X-Men TV show release date was confirmed by 20th Century Fox channel. Will you wait for this TV show?

American tabloids reported that the film studio 20th Century Fox begins preparations for the establishment of the new X-Men series. How is promised by insiders, the main character of a new TV project will be Jamie Madrox?
In the center of the new series will be graphic novels about a detective agency X-Factor, created in 2005 by Peter David. There is a high probability that the series is described as “Fringe” in the world of the X-Men," will be aired on the channel Fox. Multiplier role in the movie "X-Men: The Last Stand" played by Eric Dane (“The Last Ship”).

X-Men TV show release date was confirmed

In April 2014, the producer of the movie franchise is "X-Men" – Simon Kinberg – said that the serial format is perfect for the film adaptation of the comic book.
X-Men TV show release date is somewhere at the end of 2015.

DVD and Bluray release date of X-Men TV show are expected in the very beginning of 2016.
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