Winners & Losers Season 6

The Australian dramedy about former losers at the times of schooling is now on the bubble though being highly rated and appraised during its long run since 2011. We have nothing in the course currently, thus, but to hold out hope that the decision will be in favor of the sixth season.

Brief outline of the serial

Winners & Losers is basically a TV dramedy in the form of the multipart movie aired since 2011 on the Australian channel titled Seven Network. The story is narrative particularly of a team of formers losers at school who turn to be now personalities who are gaining success on their life path.
The immediate creation of the film was entrusted originally to Bevan Lee. The crew of executives is composed of Julie McGauran and John Holmes. The latest chapter was brought to broadcast in the middle of the previous summer. But since then there was no word pronounced by the developers concerning the future of the project though it is high time for such things. Each season includes by the way 13 full episodes.
The performance crew is composed of such actresses as Melissa Bergland, Melanie Vallejo, Virginia Gay, Francis Greenslade, Sarah Grace, Denise Scott together with the one and the only brilliant actor named Tom Wren.

With regard to the details of the story

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The narrative turns to have its pre-story that is not depicted but comes to be clear from the up-to-date narration. So let’s get closer to the very story portrayed. The central heroines are presented by young ladies who were not so popular and lucky while schooling as other girls did actually. They were bullied. But ten year have passed since then and now they are beautiful and charming flourishing as trees in spring.
These young ladies meet at the reunion and then renew their old friendship. So now they can be renamed as “the winners” from their former label of “the losers”.

Popularity and appraisal

There is no doubting in fact that the serial has got mainly favorable commentaries towards the very essence of the story full of inspiring ideas and actual problems of modern society and also towards the brilliant performance of the acting cast that has been chosen as it should be in fact.
The serial has got several nominations and victories in the prestigious awards including those which the leading actresses have won.
Winners & Losers Season 6 Cast

Chances of renewal

Being highly-appraised all over the world, the serial has great potential of being developed at least for the following several years. However, so far the serial is on the bubble and its creators are keeping mum concerning the possibility of the future launch as well as about the Winners & Loserss season 6 release date.
But we should take things o the chin and wait for the confirmation coming from the official sources. If the sixth season is resumed, we can expect its appearance this particular year. So let’s arm ourselves with patience and stay tuned in order to catch the day of the so needed premiere.


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