Westworld Season 1 Release Date

Westworld Season 1 Release Date


On August 31, 2013 it was reported that the cable channel HBO ordered a pilot series of the TV show based on the 1973 original sci-fi/western/thriller movie Westworld. On November 17, 2014 HBO announced the launch of Westworld season 1 release in production.

Westworld is the name of theme park, where they will be the main events of the series. This park is a true compact settlement, where everything is to equip according to the canons of the Wild West.

In this place come to entertain the rich, since it is a pleasure expensive. For a lot of money is waiting for visitors to the gap in full. In Westworld inhabited by humanoid robots, which create an atmosphere of westerns in the park.

There is no exact Westworld season release date currently, since there were troubles with production. All we know that Westworld season 1 episode premiere will happen later than fall of 2016. There is also no confirmation when will Westworld season 1 release date on Bluray and DVD happen.


The first actors approved for the role in the project, began to Anthony Hopkins who plays Dr. Robert Ford and Evan Rachel Wood who was invited to the role of Dolores Abernathy. Later, in August 2014 they were joined by Wright, Rodrigo Santoro, Ingrid Bolso Berdalm, Shannon Marie Woodward, Angela Sarafyan, Simon Quarterman and James Marsden.


In the near future a great popularity began to use theme parks that recreate various periods of history – ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, and so on – in which different characters have played high-tech robots. Visitors to these parks proposed to immerse themselves in the corresponding era: dressed in clothes of the time, equip and taking weapons, they can do whatever they please. Security in battles and skirmishes with the robots they guaranteed. But once in an amusement park on the theme of the Wild West called "Western world" has failed in the computer system, and robots, out-of-control, began to kill people right and left.

Interesting Facts

  • HBO has already announced the production of 3 season of Westworld being absolutely sure in its success among viewers;
  • Westworld season 1 premiere stands for as a television adaptation of the eponymous sci-fi thriller with Yul Brynner in the title role, delivered in 1973 by Michael Crichton on his own script;
  • The company Warner Brothers considered the possibility of creating a remake of Westworld in the early 1990s, but then the plans were not realized. A failed attempt was also in 2007, when the main role of the producers managed to get Arnold Schwarzenegger;
  • The role of a director of the project was proposed to Quentin Tarantino but he refused, and the creators of the TV version of Crichton’s book invited Jonathan Nolan;
  • The pilot episode was filmed in Los Angeles in July-August, 2014.

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