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Wentworth is an Australian drama TV series. The first episode premiered on the SoHo channel on the 1st of May 2013. The series is a remake of the Prisoner TV project from Network Ten, popular in 1979-1986. Lara Radulovich and David Hannam, the creators and developers of the project, found their inspiration in the original concept, created by Reg Watson. The difference is, the events in the Wentworth series take place today.
The filming was mostly done in Clayton, Victoria. Later the series moved to Newport, Victoria. Critics and viewers mostly approved the show. The very first episode turned out to be the most watched on Foxtel channel. The concept was also used in New Zealand and the UK. Their show was released under the title Wentworth Prison.


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Wentworth series depicts the events happening in present day Australia. The protagonist, Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), attempts to murder her husband for the daily abuse but fails. Because of that, she finds herself in the Wentworth prison. She can’t see her daughter after her conviction. Bea will stay there until she does her time. Now she must get used to her new way of life. As well as deal with the prison hierarchy and harsh environment.

Main Characters

  • Bea Smith. Played by Danielle Cormack. Suffered through years of domestic abuse and attempted to kill her husband. Tries to get used to her new prison life, sometimes communicating with her husband and her daughter. After her daughter dies by someone’s order, she plans her revenge.
  • Franky Doyle. Played by Nicole da Silva. Thrown in prison after pouring boiling oil on a TV presenter from a cooking competition project. She didn’t like the way he criticized her cooking skills. She’s also a lesbian.
  • Vera Bennett. A Deputy Governor, portrayed by Kate Atkinson. A timid and shy person with difficulties making new acquaintances and friends. Always lies about her personal life, but manages to change her life significantly in the course of the series. Becomes a stronger personality.
  • Doreen Anderson. Another inmate in the prison. Portrayed by Shareena Clanton. Convicted for DUI. Got herself into a car crash that killed her unborn baby. Formerly addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  • Liz Birdsworth. One of the prison’s inmates. Portrayed by Celia Ireland. Recovering from alcoholism. Convicted of the manslaughter of her mother-in-law.
  • Fletch. A correctional officer, portrayed by Aaron Jeffery. A former soldier. Loses his temper quickly. Experiences constant nightmares after tragic episodes of his past. Has regular relationships with women of the Wentworth staff. Has a long lasting conflict with Ferguson, the Governor.
  • Will Jackson. One more correctional officer, portrayed by Robbie Magasiva. A social worker in the past.
  • Jacqueline Holt, nicknamed Jacs. An inmate accused of manslaughter. Played by Kris McQuade.
  • Sue Jenkins, nicknamed Boomer. Another inmate of Wentworth. Sometimes slow. Seems mentally challenged. Sent to prison for drug pushing.

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For more character descriptions, check out wikipedia.org or the official web page of the project.

Release Date Info

The fourth season debuted on the 27th of February and started airing on the 10th of May 2016. The exact release date of the fifth season is unknown yet, and the premiere is yet to be scheduled. However, the producers announced the fifth season of Wentworth on the 19th of July this year. Don’t miss the date of the premiere episode of Season 5!

Update: Wentworth Season 5 Release Date

Can news be neither good, nor bad, nor something between the two? Even if you thought not, this news is exactly like that. So Wentworth Season 5 is coming out. And that’s great! But the release date is yet to come out. Which is less so. On the other hand, we know when to expect the series to reappear. And it’s going to be this year. Which is, again, great. Sort of. We still don’t know the date the release falls on.
After we finally find it out, we will be able to notify you if you are our subscriber.


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