The Victorian Slum Season 2

The Victorian Slum Season 2 Release Date


The Victorian Slum is a documental social TV series, which was aired on BBC. The season premiere was in October in the year of 2016. But now we are ready to present the second one. The Victorian Slum 2 Season release date is the 12th of November in the year of 2016.


Here in this serial, you will see not so many people in the cast. So, here you will see the next people:

  • Michael Mosley.
  • Vivienne Richmond.

The serial is produced by Wall by Wall. The executive producer is Cate Hall and it is presented by Michael Mosley.


This serial will present you all the corners of the East of London. Here you will see the Victorian era and all the problems, which appear here. In this place, a lot of modern families will be shown and you will have an opportunity to see, how thy live and survive here.

In this place, you will see the reconstruction of Victorian buildings and in future, they will become small dwellings. A lot of time will be portrayed here. This experiment lasts for several weeks, so the families expected, that their lives will be full and they can survive here without any problems.

Now these families pay for the rooms, but it is rather difficult and unsuitable for them to live in such manner and to have the problems of such character. So, to get the best results of living, they try to undertake candle-making, wood-turning, tailoring. They even try to sell different goods, like flowers and soap. Modern Londoners here will amaze you, so in several episodes, you will see, that this season has the same aim as Halloween.


People, who wanted to see the unusual serial with the interested plot, must watch this serial from the beginning till the end. You will be amazed of it, especially, if you will pay attention to all the details, which are presented here.

The new episode will present you the new places, which will be soon changed on the best side. And the result will be great, so you wouldn’t think, that it was just a waste of your free time.

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