Venom Hunters Season 2

This year a new band documentary has hit the television schedule with the release of its first episode. The show is about poisonous snakes and the necessity of their venom for the production of the anti-venom. The series is considered to be quite compelling as it is a hazardous thing to hunt such creatures as snakes. That’s why we are hoping for the official renewal of the serial for the second chapter.

Basic info about a new show you need to be aware of

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The project makes for the new documentary serial debuted quite recently, particularly in the middle of February this year. The series is created by the company titled Authentic Entertainment and broadcast on Discovery. The team of executive producers includes such people as Kyle Wheeler and Deb Ridpath. The first chapter is composed of only 6 episodes. The second season is currently on the bubble.

What us about the essence of the given documentary film?

Now let’s turn immediately to the very essence of the show. So it is about poisonous snakes and the experts who are in the hunt for them all around our planet. The serial, however, has four main places of action. They are Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona, and Australia. The places for explorations are different in their characteristics. It can be a plan or a desert, or even a swamp.
The participants of the show are divided into four teams. Each of them includes 9 brave snake experts who know what they are dealing with. The immediate goal of the hunters is the venom of the snakes.
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The lack of venom is increasing from year to year. The world is always short of the supplies of this important thing in the treatment of the deadly bites of snakes. As it is widely known, the anti-venom is made of venom precisely. And if a person doesn’t consume the anti-venom in a right time, he can die. Thus, this presents a great problem, as more and more people are dying for this reason.
Moreover, the venom is needed for research investigations in the medical sphere. This liquid can cure supposedly such disorders as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

What is about the ratings?

The ratings are considered to be average yet very promising. The total amount of viewers achieves practically 1 million people. This is a great likelihood for the serial to be continued in fact. The rush and suspense are guaranteed during watching this show. The viewers are afraid that the snakes can bite the hunts and kill them. Maybe that is why the series has obtained very positive reviews both from critics and from regular watchers.
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Can we expect the renewal of the brand new show?

So far, unfortunately, there is no information about the Venom Hunters season 2 release date as well about the feasibility of its renewal. That’s why you are recommended to stay tuned with us in order to obtain information about your new favorite documentary serial in a right time in order not to miss the begging of the release of its second season.


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