Undercover Boss Season 8

Undercover Boss Season 8 Release Date


Undercover Boss is a reality TV serial, which is based on the British serial with the same plot. Each presented episode will show you the people, who deserve the positions of upper-managers. The first season appeared in the year of 2010, but we want to talk about the season 8, which is available for everyone.


The cast of that reality TV serial is rather big. It includes:

  • Justin Nichols and Mark Keller.
  • Steven Foster and Stephanie Haney.
  • John Fuller and Todd Ricketts.
  • Ronald Croatti and Shelley Sun.
  • Kim Schaefer and Steve Greenbaum.
  • Bernt Bodal and Harlan Kent.
  • Rick Silva and Sam Taylor.
  • Lynne Zappone and Fernando Aquirre.
  • Maria Bedford and Steve Joyce.
  • Steve Phelps and Mike White.
  • David Kim and Rich McClure.
  • Scott Sibella and Catherine Monson.
  • Randy Dewitt and Brie Thiele.
  • Steven Newman and Coby Brooks.
  • Kat Cole and Lorne Abony.
  • Paul Damico and Andy Wirth.
  • George Michel and Sandy Rogers.
  • Rocco Caputo and Ingrid DePinto.
  • Joel Manby and Janice Moorehouse.
  • Jaclyn Pilgrim and Dave Rife.
  • Mica Smith and Dee Dee.
  • Mike Bloom and Shane Evans.
  • Jim Grote and Tony Wells.
  • Jeremy Dickerson and William Peduto.
  • Courtland Cray and Marcus Lara.

Among the executive producers we must mention Eli Holzman, Chris Carlson, and Stephen Lambert.


Here you will see, how people try to make their own businesses. They try to undercover the stores in different locations and jobs. That will help them to restore and to interact the employees. In each episode of that serial you will estimate, how important is to have a good work, which brings the best salary ever.


If you think, that it is rather easy to create a business company, you are wrong. Here you can enjoy the serial, in which only talented businessman appear. They will present you their secrets of business.

Episode by episode you will estimate the secrets of business and that will help you to understand, what does it mean to be the chief in one or another deal. So, you can watch that serial with all the members of your family.

The Undercover Boss 8 Season release date is the 3rd of June in the year of 2016.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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