Tyrant Season 3

With just less than a month left, we are standing in front of the premiere of the third season of the series under the title “Tyrant” that is to continue unfolding the events related to the life of the youngest son of a dictator. So now let’s wait for this upcoming July 6.

About the drama creators, premieres, and performers

Being included in the programming list of the FX channel, the multipart movie referred to as “Tyrant” has turned to the regular project of the brilliant leaders of the executive team named in particular Craig Wright as well as Howard Gordon. The latter one is by the way famous for such project as 24 and Homeland. The behind-the-scene crew is led, however, by another person – Gideon Raff.
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Serving as a joint venture among such studios as Teakwood Lane Productions, FX Productions, and Fox 21 Television Studios, the series is also produced by such personalities as Avi Nir, Howard Gordon, Michael Lehmann, as well some others.
The acting crew is compiled of Jennifer Finnigan, Salim Daw, Moran Atias, Justin Kirk, etc.
As the tradition needs it already, the series is peculiar for debuting specifically at the summer start. So the first and the second rounds of episodes were delivered in 2014 and 2015 correspondingly.

Summarizing the whole story

Enlarging upon the life of the war-torn country in the Middle-East, the series is depicting precisely the principal character who is reckoned to be the youngest son of a dictator coming back to its homeland with his American family from the USA.
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Taking a peek into the ratings

With the viewership evaluating at about 1.5 million watchers per episode, the series made success thus, debuting on FX. Consequently, there was nothing surprising in the fact the serial has been renewed for the second circle practically right at once.
But such advance couldn’t be maintained, unfortunately, when the second round appeared. Then the number of watchers declined by about 0.5 million people. So this decrease could mean only that the serial creators had missed something catchy developing it.

When is the third circle of new episodes defined to appear?

Tyrant Season 3 Cast
With such sad turn of events, some doubts were wandering concerning the feasibility of the future resumption. But the developers were not set to give up. In a month after the second season had bowed out, the creators made a promising announcement that the third season would be released come rain or shine.
Becoming sure in the third season, the loyal following kept waiting for the declaration of the Tyrant season 3 release date. Quite recently, the producers of the channel not willing to hold the fan base in tension has decided to clarify it. So it is known now that the premiere is going to take place in this upcoming July 6. So let’s look forward to this day together and be in the swim in case of the appearance of other interesting details about the show.


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