True Detective Season 3

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Short Overview

True Detective was created by Nic Pizzolatto and was first aired on American television. The show premiered in January 2014. Every season has its own story to tell with different characters and various settings.
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The first season is filmed in Louisiana and centers the plot round State Police detectives taking care of homicides in the area. All the season through they try to do their best to get and catch a serial killer. This case is 17 years old.
The second season is filmed in California. Here the focus is put on three detectives.  They are from three different police departments and they have to cooperate to hold an investigation of a series of crimes. All of the crime turn out to be connected with the death of a corrupt politician.

The plot and the crew

The first season’s storyline takes place in 2012. Rust Cohle and Martin Hart – Louisiana State Police Detectives – have to get back to an old homicide case. They have already tried to investigate it in 1995. At that time, they didn’t have enough info and facts to complete the investigation.
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The case unfolds through separate stories, not always connected with the main storyline. The story itself is narrated by the main characters showing all of their wounds of the past – both psychological and physical. It was a strange and frustrating ritualistic murder. The separated stories get together in one puzzle making the mystery clear at last. The first season is filled with flashbacks and memories.
Matthew McConaughey was chosen as the leading actor of the project. He played Detective Rustin Cohle (or "Rust"). Pizzolatto saw McConaughey in 2011, in the thriller film The Lincoln Lawyer. The second candidate was Woody Harrelson. But later Pizzolatto decided to give him the role of Detective Martin Hart. Michelle Monaghan had a female character called Maggie Hart. Michael Potts and Tory Kittles played Detectives Maynard Gilbough and Thomas Papania. the first season’s cast also includes Kevin Dunn and Alexandra Daddario as Major Ken and Lisa Tragnetti.
In January 2014 the series was prolonged for the second season. The second season of True Detective is made up of eight episodes. All of them are also created by Pizzolatto, but this time he wasn’t the only one to direct the series. Justin Lin participated in directing of the first two episodes. Fukunaga returned as the executive producer, just like McConaughey and Harrelson. Pizzolatto also found a new novelist to help with the storyline of the new season.
The season’s cast included Colin Farrell playing Detective Ray Velcoro. Vince Vaughn played the role of Frank Semyon (criminal) and Rachel McAdams plays the role of Detective Ani Bezzerides. The second season also includes Taylor Kitsch and Kelly Reilly.
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Interesting facts and opinions

The first season of the project turned out to be really successful. It received positive feedback both from the critics and from the viewers. It was nominated for many awards for acting and direction. The second season wasn’t accepted as positively as the first one.

What about the third season?

There’s no official confirmation of the third season’s release date. HBO channel is going to replace this series with a new project.


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