Trailer Park Boys Season 11

The Netflix Network has already resumed work on Trailer Park Boys Season 11. There is no data about the exact launch date of the series as of now. Stay tuned so that you don’t miss another run.

Brief review: behind-the-scene crew, premiere dates of the other seasons

Trailer Park Boys is a hilarious Canadian online serial. The creator the serial is Mike Clattenburg. He was also the director. The other series of this work are easily accessible on Netflix. The multipart TV product is a continuation of the titular movie of 1999.
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Initially, it was the Showcase channel that started the serial, with the first premiere taken place fifteen years ago. And that means that this project is a long-running brand a lot of people around the world love.
After the launch of the seventh chapter, it left its home network for reasons unknown. Up until now, it’s been aired by Netflix, from seasons 8 to 10. They made a break between the eighth and ninth season, giving a reason to suspect they’d terminate it. Fortunately, it never happened. The ninth season on its new home online channel at the end of March 2015. The seasons are available in their entity. The most recent chapter came out in March this year.

What is the story all about?

The narrative focuses on the exciting adventures of a team of settlers who live in a trailer park. The takes place in Dartmouth, by the way.
All the characters are former criminals. But now, they live in said park being members of its community. With what are they dealing now? They are attempting to make a fortune by comitting some meaningless crimes.
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Cory as well as Trevor are fans of those criminals. It is curious, however, both  Cory and Trevor characters did not make an appearance in the scenario after the sixth chapter.

Rating issues

The serial is made with a small portable budget camera. Such an endearing way of filming has apparently influenced the undoubted success. The main catch is that the characters address the audience directly. Casual viewers apparently appreciated it very much, as did critics. We should also mention that the serial is, in fact, full of real feelings hiding behind the joke daredeviltry.
Let’s turn to the precise scorings now. Rotten Tomatoes gave it more than 90%. The serial has also got approximately 9 points out of 10 on IMDb. It has precisely three award victories and has been nominated for ten award positions.
Trailer Park Boys Season 11 Cast

News about the following resumption

As it has become known recently, the serial will get its eleventh run in its nearest perspective. The creators are now in the middle of filming the new chapter. So we should stay in the swim so that we catch the news of the Trailer Park Boys season 11 release date as well as other inspiring news about the narrative and some cast changes. Let’s keep monitoring the situation together.

Update: Trailer Park Boys Season 11 Status

What we bring you may not be the most satisfying news but it is good news.  There is no officially available date but the new season may be up this year according to rumors. That makes sense, after all, all the previous season were released according to a certain pattern. That means we can indeed expect Trailer Park Boys Season 11 in 2017. Even though that is a speculation doesn’t mean it’s not true.


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