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In the mid 1990s in Japan this show was called Ronin Suiri Tentai (Deductive Reasoning Ronin), however, in Australia it is referred to just as Top Knot Detective and it is considered as the full-length remake.

Top Knot Detective season 2 release date is expected in summer of 2016, though this information is more a rumor than official date of release. Wait for the statements about exact Top Knot Detective season 2 release date.


In Top Knot Detective season 2 release you will see such Japanese Actors – Toshi Okuzaki, Masa Yamaguchi, Kurosaki Itto, Travis Johnson, Des Mangan and Izumi Woods.


Top Knot Detective is a glance back at this astounding, darken mid 90’s Japanese samurai arrangement that had a colossal faction following in Australia in the mid 00’s. It’s a narrative about the appear and a portion of the strange in the background jokes that it’s maker and co-stars got up to, and additionally exploring how the fundamental star wound up in prison 20+ years after the fact.

The show itself (initially titled "Ronin Suirei Tentai") was a gravely set up together samurai arrangement where the focal character would comprehend violations and slaughter beasts on his trip to retaliate for the homicide of his lord… in any case, to make such a show conceivable it included marked substance (which was new for the time) and enormous classification mashups that never fully fit in with the Edo time period the show was set it. It was sexist, gravely scripted, seriously acted, appallingly made an interpretation of and unquestionably fell into that "so terrible it’s great" classification.

Interesting Facts

  • The Man. The Myth. The Legend  – is the slogan of this interesting in all senses show;
  • SBS broadcasted Top Knot Detective season 1 premiere on March 24, 2015;
  • The first season of Top Knot Detective was broadcasted in Australia, Japan and USA and the series was voiced initially in Japanese and dubbed into English;
  • The first season of Top Knot Detective contains 7 episodes and 7-8 episodes are planned for the second season;
  • Aaron McCann who is the creator of Top Knot Detective season 2 premiere as of now has a name in Australian dramas, having made some somewhat huge viral hits in the previous couple of years.

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