The Last Ship Season 4

The post-apocalyptic story is aiming at returning to our screen next year come rain or shine. Such was the verdict of the developers of The Last Ship. Moreover, we are in the know that it will be also summer. The tradition of the launch timeframe is thus followed.

General info

The first thing we should mention about this project is that it is related to the genre of a post-apocalyptic drama. The story enlarges upon on a small crew of 218 people. They are serving as survivors after a planet viral pandemic that has killed most of the world’s population.
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Such a serious narrative is backgrounded, surely. The foundation is a 1988 eponymous book written by William Brinkley. The acting crew is led by Eric Dane.
The series broadcasting is a matter of concern for the TNT channel. The first release was given a start in June 2014 while the third one in June 2016.

Plot summary

The humanity is put at risk of vanishing forever. The reason for it is the most hazardous pandemic that has already killed the majority of the planet population. Commander Tom Chandler is set to get right on accomplishing the most important mission ever. He and his experienced crew are to stop the virus by means of finding the cure. It is considered to be the toughest challenge of their careers but they have no opportunity to fail. Can they cope in fact with it? In order to get to know this, let’s follow the project from the very start.

Catching up with the recent events of the story

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The third season revolves around attempts of the crew of Nathan James as its members are heading to Asia following the rumors that the “Scott cure” has been concealed by the Chinese leader.
The audience is to face the variety of twists in the plot as Chandler and Co. look for a cure that can save the human race from vanishing.

As for rating issues

The series was accepted with flying flowers. The viewership of the first season proves this fact as nothing else. In 2014, it constituted 3 million people on average, with the first episode having garnered practically 4/5 million watchers in front of TV sets. At that time, it was the highest rated one among original dramas on TNT.
The favorable critical response is another feature that should be taken into consideration while defining the success of the story.
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As for the current situation with ratings, it is not as inspiring as in the case of the first installment. The third cycle has gathered only 2 million people.

Following the latest news

After such a serious decline in ratings, the fate of the show could be at risk. But the developers were in a hurry to please us with the inspiring news that the fourth chapter would take place next year come rain or shine.
It is announced that the launch is scheduled for summer 2017. Consequently, we should not be under the illusion that The Last Ship season 4 release date will appear this year. It can be expected only at the start of 2017 or even much later getting closer to the end of the following spring.


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