The Knick Season 3

A medical drama is not a rare case on TV screens but new examples of this genre keep appearing. One of them is “The Knick” that has been running for two successful rounds and now is waiting for the decision about the revival for the third one.

Speaking about the whole project

Immersing us into the medical routine of one American hospital, the serial under the title “The Knick” is serving on Cinemax as a new medical drama that has got already two circles of episodes behind its belt.
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Being critically appraised, the project turns to be a brainchild to Michael Begler, Jack Amiel, and Steven Soderbergh with the latter one being a filmmaker of the show. All of them are working also as co-writers of the story together with the leader of the scripted team named Steven Katz. As far as the executives are concerned, here the show cannot proceed without such names as Jack Amiel, Gregory Jacobs, and some others. The series is fabricated by the studio named Anonymous Content.
Mentioning the behind-the-scene crew, we cannot afford ourselves to miss the members of the acting cast which includes Juliet Rylance, Michael Angarano, Clive Owen, Andre Holland, Eve Hewson, and many others.
And as for the debut issues, we should define two timeframes of the launches. They are the middle of summer 2014 and autumn of the antecedent year. So as you see, the sophomore round was a little bit shifted compared with the debut of the first one. Each circle includes however 10 episodes with duration constituting the entire hour.
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If to take a look at the story

The series features specifically the mundane working as well as personal lives of the members of the Knickerbocker hospital staff including residents, nurses as well as interns. But the action is not set, however, much unexpectedly in the modern times. The case is that it is the start of the previous century. This makes the story stick out among other medical dramas that are gaining traction on other American channels.

Ratings and chances of renewal

As we have already noted, the series is not delivering an ordinary story about hospital matters. That’s why the favorable feedback can be underlined as quite obvious as people seem to be surfeited already with all those middling medical dramas (we are not mentioning here “Grey’s Anatomy” that is more than just simply mediocre).
The Knick Season 3 Cast
Pursuing to be concrete enough, we should mention only one scoring that comes as a proof of the success of the series – it is 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, the developers are dealing with several nominations and awards including Emmy as well as Golden Globe Awards.
Summing everything up, there is no need to doubt that the series revival for the third season is nothing but the matter of time. As so far there is no data about anything regarding the fifth circle including The Knick season 3 release date, we should be ready for obtaining info in the near future.


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