The Job Lot Season 4

That’s another British sitcom produced by Martin Dennis, Luke Snellin and Sasha Ransome. The premiere episode was released on the 29th of April 2013 by ITV. The show passed through 3 seasons with 18 episodes in total. What about the 4th one and shall we wait for any hints on the updates?


The main characters of the story are:
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  • Trish (portrayed by Sarah Hadland). She’s a neurotic boss of a big company doing her best to make the affairs run stable. She welcomes the newcomers in the company trying to smooth the conflicts and team everyone up.
  • Karl (portrayed by Russel Tovey). He’s a romantic dreamer. The only reliable person for Trish.
  • Natalie (portrayed by Laura Aikman). She’s works as the assistant manager of the company. She’s extremely fond of Karl.
  • Angela (portrayed by Jo Enright). One of the most miserable members of the company. Almost never seen in good mood.
  • Paul (portrayed by Martin Marquez). Works as the security guard.
  • Janette (portrayed by Angela Curran). Also a security guard. Together with Paul, they practically help to prevent different kinds of incidents.
  • Ash (portrayed by Nick Mohammed). A hopeless and unlucky psychologist.
  • Bryony (portrayed by Sophie McShera). A shy and unconfident person.


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The action takes place in the business center situated somewhere in the fictional British town named Brownall. The series follows the co-workers’ relationships on the professional and sometimes on the romantic level. All these different characters have to face everyday business complications passing through difficulties in personal and professional life. They deal with social and psychological issues trying to break through the obstacles together no matter how different they are. The characters are totally unpredictable as well as the visitors of the company. Each episode keeps something hilarious and shocking from the very beginning.

Release Date

It’s clear that the storyline hasn’t come to an end yet and the creators of The Job Lot left the viewers with so many questions to be answered. The release date of the fourth season is yet to be scheduled.


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