The Fall 3 Season Release Date

The Fall 3 season release date was confirmed

The Fall 3 season release date has just been announced. Get the details below.

In March 2015 the leaders of the channel BBC Two publicly announced the decision to extend their series  The Fall for the third season. The upcoming season of The Fall will consist of five series as the first two seasons of the project.
The first season of the series The Fall was released on a wide screen 12 May 2013. The second part of the project came out November 13, 2014. Gillian Anderson, best known for the TV series "The X-Files," has gained tremendous success with this series.
The Plot:
The Fall show, that was created by Allan Cubitt director, tells viewers about a serial killer (Jamie Dornan). It keeps the residents of Belfast in fear. The local police do not have the strength to find the maniac, so for a complex and dark matter is taken from London detective Stella Gibson. To catch any woman, detective killer fans know next season.

The Fall 3 season release date

The actress Gillian Anderson said the following thing about her character: "Stella Gibson in the third season will be more involved in the hunt for the killer because it feels closer to the disclosure of the case". Also, the actress said that the creators of the show have the intention to extend the shooting of the series until at least the fifth season.
The Fall 3 season release date is expected in autumn of 2015.
DVD release date of The Fall 3 season is scheduled for the end of 2015 – presumably December.

The Fall 3 season release date on Bluray is scheduled for the beginning of 2016 – presumably, January.
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