The Expanse 2 Season Release Date

The Expanse 2 season release date has been confirmed by SyFy

The Expanse 2 season release date has been confirmed by SyFy. Learn more about the brand new series further.

In November of 2015 Syfy introduced the new fiction series called The Expanse. There are immediately appeared questions for The Expanse 2 season premiere. When will it happen and what to expect from The Expanse season 2 episode 1?
The director of this TV project Robert Lieberman and such actors as Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Casey Anwar, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham are working on this new show. Many fans of science fiction appreciated the new series. Some even mentioned that this series has become really something worthwhile in recent years that appeared on SyFy channel.

The Plot:

In the center of the events are the detectives who are working on the most intricate crimes. The main character loves to reveal the complex and mysterious puzzles. He has to deal with such crimes, which relate not only to the individual groups but also of entire nations.

The Expanse 2 season release date

The events unfold in the distant future – in 2200 year. When in the course of another investigation, our hero is sent to a spaceship, where the main events begin to unfold. To the detective joins captain of this starship. Together they go on the trail. Over time, it appears that the crime involved is not ordinary criminals and gang universal scale.
In the case of renewal of the series for the new season, the main character will be very glad to welcome the new dangerous and exciting investigation on the expanses of the universe.
The Expanse 2 season release date is currently scheduled for November of 2016.
There is no for any information about The Expanse 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray. The details will be disclosed below.
While waiting, please watch The Expanse 1 season trailer:

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