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The Collection is a project created in collaboration of French and British filmmakers. The production matters are carried out by Amazon, BBC Worldwide’s, Federation Entertainment and France T?l?visions. The new episode of the first season was released on the 2nd  of September 2016.
The series is made up of eight episodes in total. It was partially filmed in Wales and partially in France. The initial part of the filming was carried out by Pinewood Studios. The Collection turned out to be the first collaboration of a continental-European broadcasting company and a British production company.


The Collection Season 2 Cast
The Collection is a set in France. Second World War has finished and ambitious designers are challenged to get Paris and its supremacy back to life. It used to be an haute couture capital before the war and now it suffers from depression. Designers’ fresh view can inspire a new era of romance and undeniable beauty. Post-war gloom should be lifted giving way to optimism, passion, romance and lots of love.
However, not all of the attempts result in meteoric success. French fashion empire is constantly threatened by dark secrets and indecent people. This world of glamour and chic is filled with never-ending betrayals and constant rivalries. Long-lasting Nazi occupation has changed people’s thinking – the world of fashion is filled with hateful bargains and the twisted secrets hidden under the cover of the success. The main characters of the series has to pass through numerous professional, personal troubles and passionate love stories. Families fight against each other – the tragic past is slowly destroying the future.

Plot, Cast & Main Characters

The Collection Season 2 Spoiler
The Collection series takes place in Paris after the war. The story focuses on one of the most famous fashion houses owned by Sabine family. The protagonists of the story are two brothers, Claude (portrayed by Tom Riley) and Paul (portrayed by Richard Coyle). They’re very different in character and the way the treat life in general. However, they’re strongly united by one idea: to get life back into the city that experienced an enormous tragedy. These talented geniuses are constantly influenced by their mother named Yvette (portrayed by Frances de la Tour). She turns out to use their talent for the purposes of her own. The plotline is a blend of mysteries, secrets and complex family relations. Exorbitant price should be paid for the ambitions. Scroll down for the next season release date.

Second Season Premiere Date

Amazon gives no hints about when The Collection will be renewed again. The project hasn’t been shut down yet and if you don’t want to miss the 2nd season air date on the channel, don’t forget to subscribe to our updates, cause we’re constantly following the news on the latest TV projects.


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