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Newcomers in town, Nat and Gabe, get an invitation for dinner from their new neighbors. They accept it and get acquainted to Helene and her husband Sasha. Among other guests, there are Marty (ex-Bananarama member), Angie and Danny. They look and behave affable enough. However, in a short period of time, Nat and Gabe experience their hosts’ shocking behavior. Gabe’s desperately trying to restore peace at dinner table but whatever she tries to do looks awkward and pointless. Nat feels uncomfortable about Helene’s talks on her husband’s infidelity. Gabe tried to have a hearty conversation with Sasha but gets rebuffed. Everything ends up with Helene actually attacking her husband.
What is the way out of this tricky situation? Scroll down further for the second season air date if you’re looking forward to a new episode of The Circuit.
The Circuit Season 2 Cast

Plot, Cast, Characters & More

Main characters of the series are Gabe (portrayed by Adeel Akhtar) and Nat (portrayed by Eva Birthistle). They leave their perfect home for a new place to live. However, every time they move to a new area they have a specific trouble – making new friends becomes a true challenge for them. Some of their new neighbors invite them to dinner, but the lovely evening with friendly neighbors suddenly turns into a ton of accusations, violent behavior and other extremities.
In the beginning, the hosts looked absolutely hospitable and domestic not to say the least. The wine was flowing all together with the insulting speeches. Gabe was even eventually accused of being a Nazi.
The script is purely satirical, based on typical staples of typical dinner-party: the small conversation (What do you do in life?), looking around the hosts’ house, the conflabs whispered concerning the leaving time, the after leaving platitudes (“Let’s meet again soon”). Every new episode was filled with hearty acts and emotions. The most emotional depth was demonstrated in the final episode of the first season.
The Circuit Season 2 Spoiler
The supporting cast consists of:

  • Victoria Hamilton portraying the character of the brittle hostess;
  • Tobias Menzies acts as her sweary husband;
  • Paul Ready, Nicola Walker and Desiree Akhavan portray the characters of other guests invited to a dinner party.

We should mention that the supporting characters were perfect. Their acting will surely meet your sympathy if you haven’t watched the show yet.

Second Season Premiere

Channel 4 is yet to renew the series and the second season release date hasn’t been announced yet. Be the first one to know when the next episode of The Circuit will be released subscribing to our updates!


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