The Blacklist Season 4

One of the most popular American channels titled NBC has made a number of announcements about the renewals of some of the projects broadcast by the company. One of these projects is the criminal drama under a short title “The Blacklist”.

Basic data you need to know about this criminal drama

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The Blacklist makes for the criminal serial produced as well as broadcast by American companies.  The home channel is considered to be NBC. The behind-the-scene crew is led by Jon Bokenkamp. The debut of the first season was slated for the beginning of fall 2013. The latest season, that is number 3, was brought to airing on the first day of October in the preceding year.

What is about the narrative itself?

The story enlarges upon the life of an ex-officer of the American army, particularly of the US Navy. His name is, by the way, Raymond “Red” Reddington.
Red makes a proposition to the FBI from which they can’t just refuse. The thing is that he offers to give a list of criminals revealing in such a way their personalities. This list consists of various politicians, terrorists as well as heads of the criminal groups together with spies. The task to find all of them is entrusted to Liz Keen. In order to cope with this challenge, the heroine has no choice but to think like them.
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In the most recent chapter, Red and Liz turn to be the escapees as they are nothing but a direct threat to the intelligence service. They are aware of the FBI procedures and the real criminals who must have been punished. The agency is hunting for them. So they should be prudent and cautious when they find themselves on a road full of discoveries and adventures that are often very risky and hazardous.

Data about the rating numbers and audience acceptance of the project

The given serial is distinguished by pretty high ranking level. It is no simply average. But let’s stop beating around the bush a turn our attention immediately to the numbers. So according to official data, the serial has obtained more than 80% satisfaction. The acclaim from critics on whose opinion we can rely is practically unanimous. So there is no doubting the creators of the show are to choose this project dor another following chapter.

When can we expect the renewed serial?

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The immediate creator of the project whom we have already mentioned resumed officially the serial for the fourth chapter in the form of the series podcast titled “The Blacklist: Exposed” as far back as in the beginning of December in the antecedent year. This announcement was made when the latest season was in the run which returned to screens after a regular Christmas break in the first week of this 2016 year.
So far as the matter stands we have no available data about The Blacklist season 4 release date as well as about other inspiring details of the upcoming chapter. Stay tuned with us in order to get information about your new favorite criminal drama in a right time and straight from the most reliable resources.

Update: The Blacklist Season 4 New Release Date!

When the release date of a new episode is made public, this is usually it. Any further shifts in the schedule are either planned in the first place or are merely a reaction to emergencies, often quite tragic ones. But that only leads to reschedules, even though that in itself is a good reason to be subscribed to our mailing list.
However, there is another kind of updates that happen after the series’s launch date became public knowledge. This is the kind of updates that can happen even the series is already on air. And no, the answer is not follow-ups. We’re talking about new parts of the same season.
That’s right! The Blacklist Season 4 has been on air for quite a time, true. But its second part is to come out soon enough. Part 2 of Season 4 will be airing since January 5, 2017.
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