The Art of More 2 Season Release Date

The Art of More 2 season release date

The Art of More 2 season release date was scheduled by Crackle channel. The details are disclosed below.

This story is completely original and in its own addictive. Many people are already tired of the endless detective series in which all the characters are banal and uninteresting. Therefore, the writers of The Art of More have come up with an interesting plot.
Dennis Quaid, Kate Bosworth, Christian Cooke, Eugene Clark, Joe Cobden will appear in The Art of More 2 season premiere.
The Plot:
The main character is a soldier named Connor Gramm. He had just arrived from the "hot" in Iraq and not with empty hands. Art has always much appreciated by people. And during the war, this value is lost. But the Grammys did manage to save a couple of exhibits and now he wants to sell them. For this, he gets a lot of acquaintances with antiquities dealers and gradually poured into the business. It turns out that behind the art is a huge empire’s auctioneers, which has its foundations and laws. Getting here is not easy enough; you get it at the former military? It is worth noting that one of the most prominent roles in the TV series will play David Quaid. In addition, among the casting number and Kate Bosworth, who plays the daughter of one of the owners of auction houses?

The Art of More 2 season release date was scheduled by Crackle channel

The Art of More 2 season release date was confirmed for autumn of 2016.
There is no information about the release date of Art of More 2 season on DVD or Bluray.
While waiting, watch The Art of More 1 season trailer:

All episodes of the show are currently available for binge-watching. Do you expect for the second season? Do you have plans to watch it?

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