Switched at Birth Season 5

A well-known family drama is going to return on TV screens in the form of the fifth season. The developers seem not to be drained in terms of this project. Their minds are full of new ideas about story line.

What about the storyline?

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The plot of the American series “Switched at Birth” created in the genre of a family drama is concentrated on two girls who were according to the title of the multipart film were mistakenly muddled at the birthing home. Time was passing and the girls were brought up in two absolutely different environments.
Bay Kennish, one of the switched girls, was raised in the wealthy suburbs. During one of the laboratory work at school, the young girl learned that her blood did not correspond to at least one parent’s type. After special test there was no doubting that Bay lived all her life not with her biological parents. Later on after the visit to that birthing home her family got to know about the switch at the birthing home.
Another victim of the switch became Daphne Vasquez. She grew up in a family with a low income brought up by a single mother. At the early age the girl lost hearing after a serious disease.
In order to chum up with Bay, Daphne’s mother, Regina Vasquez together with her daughter moved to the house of the Kennishes. Bay decides to find her father with the help of Daphne’s deaf friend Emmet. During the series the viewers observe the development of relationships between girls and their true children. Their daughters reach womanhood and get boyfriends.
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The starring cast and the creators

The principal roles are performed by Vanessa Marano (Bay) and Katie Leclerc (Daphne). In the filming of the series such actors were also participating: D. W. Moffett, Lucas Grabeel, Lea Thompson, and Gilles Marini, and some others.
Both the screenwriter and the inspirer of the series are considered to be Lizzy Weisson known for her work in such projects as “Undressed”, “Cashmere Mafia”, and “Blue Crush”.

When is the next season going to please us?

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The home channel for the series under the title “Switched at Birth” is considered to be the American ABC Family. Though the fourth season was declared to be the finale, the producers made a kind of surprise for their fans. The thing is that the series was going to be renews for the fifth season. There is no quite clear explanation to their decision, because the ratings of the false last chapter were not so high in comparison with the pervious parts. However, those who were watching the fourth season left very good appraisal commentaries about the story. The series is worth watching. Such a statement can be made if at least to be aware of the fact that it was nominated for different awards, such as Choice Award, ALMA Award, Television Critics Association Award and some others.
Nevertheless the Switched at Birth season 5 release date remains still unknown though the announcement about the production of the new chapter in the near future has been made as far back 2015 particularly in the fall.

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