Sweet/Vicious Season 2

Black humor is a format of which is developed by not many directors. After all, the line between these jokes and really offensive things is very thin, and crossing it once any filmmaker can permanently lose audience interest and, moreover, to get out of favor by the production companies. But Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and her crew are not afraid of such a prospect, as not so long ago they launched an unusual series on the TV channel MTV, which aired on November 15, 2016. After completing of 10 episodes a serious question began to appear among the fans of this genre: when will Sweet/Vicious season 2 release date be presented? Unfortunately, today there is no any data about the coming of the next renewed season. The show is likely to return soon, and each new episode will certainly be full of the same humor.

Authors of the Idea

As it has been noted, the first season included 10 episodes. It is still unknown how many parts the renewed project will have and when the following season air date will debut.
The idea of Sweet/Vicious belongs to Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, an actress and writer. Her colleagues are two executive producers:

  • Amanda Lasher, a producer of an American origin;
  • Stacey Sher, a film producer from the US.

Sweet/Vicious Season 2 Spoiler
The company producing the series is VMN; the channel broadcasting the program is a world famous network MTV.

Plot Review

The cast of the show are Eliza Bennett, playing the role of Jules Thomas, and Taylor Dearden, whose heroine is Ophelia Mayer. These two young girls live in a college campus and play the role of the so-called security guards to protect the rest of the inhabitants of this territory. The comedy series is full of sparkling jokes and clumsy mass of situations that fall both the victims of the two girls and the protagonists themselves.
Sweet/Vicious Season 2 Cast
The next new season premiere is believed to have the same amount of humor and interesting moments, and season one on MTV will definitely not be the last one.

Possible Renewal

A controversial project has got a 7.5/10 score on a well-known website IMDB. The audience has accepted it with interest, and the second season release date is going to be announced in the nearest future. Anyway, the decision to renew the show would be quite logical. Stay tuned to be aware of the schedule of all the episodes and get necessary data related to the changes in the cast and plot of the program.


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