Survivor’s Remorse Season 3

A respectively new serial in the comedy genre broadcast on Starz is still waiting for the decision of its developers. The thing is that the creators are to shape the future of the project. But let’s hold out hope that it is only a matter of time as the series is really worth being continued.

Basic information about the comedy

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Survivor’s Remorse makes for a scripted comedy in the form of the multipart movie by American production. The serial follows the life of a basketball player named Cam Calloway and his relationships with his family members, particularly with his cousin named Reggie as with him he has unexpectedly entered that luxury life of which they could only dream earlier.
The series comes to be created by Mike O’Malley. The head of the executive team is reckoned to be LeBron James. The opening of the project was held in the beginning of October in 2014. Now, the viewers are in possession of only two chapters and are looking forward to the appearance of the third one. However, so far, the developers keep mum about the future of the project.
The acting cast is composed of such performers as Jessie T. Usher, Mike Epps, Tichina Arnold, RonReaco Lee, and some others. The shooting of episodes was held mainly in Atlanta.

What is about the narrative o the series?

As we have already mentioned the serial revolves around Cam. Once he was in luck to sign a contract with the basketball team in Atlanta obtaining in such a way a great opportunity to build his career in professional sports.
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The story, in fact, is about how Cam and his brother Reggie are coping with that fame that has made a descent upon them. The narration is made in a quite hilarious relaxing way. Hailing from the rough surrounding of Boston, they are now in possession of money, popularity, and surprisingly a self-induced guilt they have made a fortune for a so small period of time. In the latest season, the family of a principal character moves by the way into the huge house.

Critical acceptance of the comedy show

Both critics and common viewers have accepted the project with flying flowers. The series has obtained its steady number of viewers which constitutes about 1.3 million people. This rate is reckoned to be enough in order to sum up that the story is worth being continued at least for the following several chapters.

Is there the essence of waiting for the official announcement of the renewal of the project?

Survivor’s Remorse Season 3 Cast
So far, we are not, unfortunately, aware whether the project is to be renewed or cancelled. We have nothing in the course currently but to wait for the official decision coming from the developers.
So while the Survivor’s Remorse season 3 release date is unknown as well as the feasibility of the resumption, we highly recommend you to monitor the up-to-date situation as some changes can take place any moment. Stay tuned with us in order to receive fresh news straight from the reliable resources.


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