SunTrap Season 2

A new British comedy is set to narrate about the life on a fictional Spanish island where Woody is running rings around locals after escaping from the British authorities after being set up by his corrupt newspaper editor. The series is a newbie and waits for the announcement of the second chapter.

Brief review

SunTrap Season 2 PosterAs a part of the programming list of the BBC One channel, the series entitled as “SunTrap” is performing the role of the comedy accepted, however, not in a very positive way, unfortunately, but about the rating issues a bit later. Now let’s fling us into describing production issues.
So, the series is a sitcom by its genre. Neil Webster and Charlie Skelton are the spearheads of the creative team. The fabrication studio here is entitled Happy Tramp Productions. The multipart comedy is developed specially for BBC.
The acting crew of the serial is composed of Kayvan Novak and Bradley Walsh performing the main parts of the story.
The first release was set in the UK on BBC One at the close of the previous spring. The airing was held during approximately one month with the release of the finale, the sixth episode, on July 1.

Getting closer to the story particulars

The story takes place on a fictional Spanish island. The main character here is named Woody. Once he comes to be urged to run from the British authorities after being set up by his corrupt newspaper editor.
The question, thus, appears where he can hide. His former mentor invites him to work on a bar on a Spanish island.
Woody embarks on a range of investigations on that island. He starts running rings around the inhabitants of the island by means of exploiting his marvelous ability to adopt various guises at a moment’s notice. So to what can it lead? To get to know this, let’s follow the story.

Mixed reviews and unclear situation with the revival

SunTrap Season 2 Cast
Though BBC is the highest-rated channel in the UK, the success is not guaranteed to each series and show broadcasted on it. Such sad situation turns to touch the project under the title “SunTrap”. The thing is that the reception of it is not on a high level taking into consideration the controversial opinions coming from critics, as well as from common viewers.
The following question is whether the future in the form of the second season is waiting for the series. There is no concrete reply to it. The developers are tight-lipped about the fate of the comedy. The cancellation has not been also announced. Thus, there is some certain hope for the best twists of events.
We should not be under the illusion also that the SunTrap season 2 release date is also around the corner. We should arm ourselves with patience and wait for dome time. Stay tuned if you believe in the series potential and we will monitor the situation for you with much pleasure. In order to become acknowledged of any kind of news, no matter whether they are positive or sad, just follow our service.


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