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Our hearts skip a beat when it comes to announcements about the fate of the dramedy titled “Stella”. With its 2016 debut with the sixth season, we can now breathe in relief. But we cannot expect news about the resumption of the show or the announcement of the release of the sixth installment.

Briefly about the dramedy

The British channel Sky 1 is only packed with good TV products. The series “Stella” is not an exception here.
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By genre, it is a mixture of comedy and drama, scrupulously developed by Tidy Productions.
The critics and the casual audience accepted the series well. The script of the project is a work of by David Peet and Ruth Jones. They brought it into play together with the executive producer and the performer of the main role, Ruth Jones. The other characters are played by Craig Gallivan, Justin Davies, and Patrick Baladi.
There are already five debut dates. The first time the series started in January 2012. Since then, the tradition to launch the project in winter continued. The final episode of every 10-part pack came out in March, each time. The latest fifth round came out this past January. So we can expect a new episode in January 2017.

Plot Summary

The story revolves around a woman named Stella. She is an ordinary lady who has gone through many difficulties in life. But she always looks enthusiastic and optimistic about everything happening to her.
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Her life can be considered an ordeal as, being single, she has to bring up her kids by herself. Her friends, as well as the neighbors, are trying to lend her a helping hand, but it only annoys her.
The action takes place in the fictional small village of Pontiberri, perched in South Wales.
In spite of living in a rural and seemingly peaceful place, Stella faces nasty rumors wandering around the town every day.

About the feedback and future

The series seems to be everyone’s cup of tea. The favorable reception is proved by the number of awards the series has won, including BAFTA.
The series gathers a million of viewers in front of their TV screens. That is quite enough to turn the project into a settler on its home channel.
Stella Season 6 Cast
There is no surprise the story was successful. It is heart-warming, kind, inspiring and funny.
But its fate is now unknown as the developers are not in a hurry to bring at least some news about the project. Consequently, there are rumors it can be canceled. But let’s not dwell on those dark thoughts.
So naturally, we should not expect the Stella season 6 release date to appear anytime soon. Let’s wait until the confirmation of the resumption appears. Until then, it is highly likely that the series will come out in January.

Update: Stella Season 6 Status

It is January 2017 now, however, the fate of the TV show is somewhat unclear. We do know some things. For instance, it is undeniable that the second season will make an appearance, that is all but decided now. We had a Christmas special recently, so we know that the project has not been abandoned.
The series is renewed, that much is clear. It’s the release date we’re yet to discover. Join us by subscribing and we will keep you informed.


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