Spotless Season 2

Spotless is a dark humor drama TV series created in collaboration of British and French filmmakers. The creators of the project and authors of the original idea are Ed McCardie and Corinne Marrinan. The series was released on Canal+ French channel on the 16th of March 2015. Production matters were carried out by Tandem Communications together with Rosetta Media. The show was officially prolonged for season 2; however, Esquire Network keeps silent about Spotless season 2 release date.

It’s a bold drama series with elements of dark and dirty humor and sex jokes. The action of Spotless takes place in London. The main character of the series is Jean Bastiere – a man with troublesome past. He deals with Crime Scene Cleaning. His usual way of life changes dramatically when his brother named Martin, a typical outlaw, crashes into his habitual world. Throughout the series, in every new episode, dark secrets of brothers’ past are revealed. Sins of the past result in dangerous circumstances in the present. Corruption, drugs and dangerous business form a hazardous mixture together with their lives. Julie, wife of Jean struggles together with her husband to restore peace in their family life and in their future.
Spotless Season 2 date release

Plot & Cast

The action revolves in London. Two brother named Jean and Martin live their lives enduring a dark childhood secret trauma.

Younger brother’s name is Jean (portrayed by Marc-André Grondin). He’s the owner of a very successful agency dealing with crime scene cleanup. The series follows his perfect personal and professional life, where everything seems to be ideal.
Spotless Season 2

His elder brother named Martin (portrayed by Denis Ménochet) gets to Jean’s home dramatically changing his life. His scarred childhood resulted in chaotic life filled with criminal affaires, drugs, alcohol and sex. Martin’s got a serious problem and Jean has to clean up after him in order not to get into more trouble. Martin’s presence partially unsettles the happy family world of Jean and his wife Julie (portrayed by Miranda Raison). Hidden truths come to light and Julie does her best to take control over the situation.
Spotless Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

The show enjoyed great popularity, which made Esquire Network prolong it for one season more. The 2nd season release date is unknown yet, but we keep our fingers on the pulse not to miss the new episode of Spotless. We will inform you as soon as we get some news.

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