Speechless Season 2

Speechless Season 2 Release Date


Speechless is an animation situation comedy, which was created in America. The season premiere of it was in September this year and the second one is already available for everyone. The Speechless 2 Season release date is the 11th of October this year.


When we talk about the cast to that serial, we must mention, that it is rather big. Here you will see a lot of talented people, who will present you a lot of pleasant characters:

  • Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie.
  • Cedric Yarbrough and Mason Cook.
  • Micah Fowler and Kyla Kenedy.
  • Marin Hinkle and Luka Maxwell.
  • Johnathan Slavin and Liz Cackowski.
  • Jay Chandrasekhar and McKaley Miller.
  • Sarah Buehler and Jake Regal.
  • Jon Dore and Chiquita Fuller.
  • Joseph John Schirle and Cassie Brennan.
  • Brandon Morales and Dina Spybey-Waters.
  • Becki Dennis and Trevor Gore.
  • Lance Lima and Jaden Martin.
  • Jeromy Ramos and Shay Ali.
  • Paul Bates, Kurtis Bedford, Myles Brewer.
  • Miles Hayden, Rodney J. Hobbs, Taylor Gregory.
  • Del Hunter-White, Matthew Josten, Erik Nicolaisen.
  • Robert James Watkins, Daniel Zolghadri, Skyler James.
  • Mary Margaret Lewis, Ashlyn Lundahl, Kerri Medders.
  • David Terrell, Kincaid Walker, Rachael Drummond.
  • Darcy Shean, Elle Jo Trowbridge, Cyrus Deboo.
  • Keiko Elizabeth, AlexAnn Hopkins, Gabrielle Skye Goodman.
  • Daniel Nelson, Alden Ray, Beth Crosby.
  • Sarah Hoffmeister, Heidi Fecht, Molly Jackson.
  • Jake Brennan, Paris Smith, Miles Elliot.
  • Parker Wierling, Shirley Chen, Andrea Anders.
  • Eileen Barnett, Matthew Bridges, Jacob Clarke.
  • Rob Corddry, Nicole Dele, Treisa Gary.
  • Andrew Morgado, Melissa Rey, TJ Zecchino.
  • Haile Brown, Skyler James Sendak, Jason Erik Zacek.

The directors are Christine Gernon, Bill Purple, Robert Cohen, Claire Scanlon, Phil Traill.


Here in the Main attention, you will see DiMeo family. Here the matriarch plays a very important role. The mother`s Maya DiMeo – she is the Main character here. She is so protective and she really loves her husband and the children, which they have. Here you will see an astronomist by the name of Ray, athlete by the name of Dylan and special teenager by the name J.J.

That is just an ordinary family, which has a lot of deals and problems. But despite them, they live together happily and they think, that it is rather good for them.


Each new episode lasts for 30 minutes, so you wouldn’t have any problems while watching it.

When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below.

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Speechless; Season 2 Trailer

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