Slugterra Season 5


Slugterra is an action animated TV serial with adventure elements. It is produced in Canada and a lot of people really love to watch it. The season premiere was in the year of 2012, but in this year you can watch the 5th season of the serial. The Slugterra 5 Season release date is the 30th of October in the year of 2016.


Here you will see a lot of animated characters and they will amaze you by a beautiful playing. But, we must name the people, who play the roles of narrators here. The number of such people is very big, so we have an idea to present only the Main cast:

  • Lee Tockar.
  • Sam Vincent.
  • Andrew Francis.
  • Shannon Chan-Kent.
  • Brian Drummond.
  • Tobias Diakow.
  • Vincent Tong.

The directors of the serial are Johnny Darrell, Andrew Duncan, Rich Johnson, Dustin McKenzie, Craig Roberts. The producers are Asaph Fipke, Ken Faier, Rob Hoegee, Ken Fiske.


The center of attention is a planet by the name Slugterra, which has a lot of unusual inhabitants. Here you will meet slugs with special powers and outstanding elements. They can produce fire, water, air and energy. And, of course, here we must name the secondary elements, as steel, ice, toxic.

Also in the center, you will see Eli Shane under the age of 15 years. She is a real hero and everybody on the planet think, that she is the greatest slung. She has her own team, which helps here to reach good results and everything, so each character here lives the life fully and enjoy every new moment.

But in the new season of the serial you will see, that the slugs have a special mission to do – they must protect little critters from evil Dr. Blakk and from the terrible plans, which he wanted to turn to the reality.


This serial will be suitable for people of all the ages, so both children and adults can watch it and have a good mood. If you don’t know, what to see on your weekend, this show is made for the family watch, so don’t use such a great opportunity.

The new episode will be unpredictable, so you will remember it for a long time.

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Slugterra extended trailer

Slugterra: Into the Shadows – Official Extended Trailer

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