Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Release date

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 Release Date


Sleepy Hollow (season 4, release date — pending) is TV supernatural series of an American production. It debuted on 16 of Sep. 2013. The show is inspired by the story by W. Irving.

Season 2 of the show has announced to have thirteen episodes but another five episodes were added. Season 3 has eighteen episodes.  Currently, season 4 of the show is being filmed and it will debut in 2017.


The main cast of the series includes:

  • Tom Mison plays the part of Ichabod Crane, Esq.,
  • Orlando Jones plays the part of Frank Irving,
  • Zach Appelman plays the part of Joseph Corbin,
  • Nicole Beharie plays the part of Abbie Mills,
  • Shannyn Sossamon plays the part of Pandora,
  • Lyndie Greenwood plays the part of Jenny Mills,
  • John Noble plays the part of Henry Parish,
  • Katia Winter plays the part of Katrina Crane,
  • Nikki Reed plays the part of Betsy Ross,
  • Lance Gross plays the part of Daniel Reynolds,
  • Jessica Camacho plays the part of Sophie Foster.

The recurring cast of the series includes:

  • Janina Gavankar plays the part of Diana Thomas,
  • Rachel Melvin plays the part of Alex Norwood,
  • Jerry MacKinnon plays the part of Jake Wells,
  • Oona Yaffe plays the part of Molly Thomas,
  • Jeremy Davies plays the part of Malcolm Dreyfuss.


During the revolution in the US, a spell was used and now the Headless Horsemen and Ichabod Crane are resurrected. This starts to frighten people living in the village. Abbie Mills, a detective, starts the investigation after the local sheriff had been beheaded by the Headless Horsemen. She is helped by Crane to investigate the horror murders that take place in Sleepy Hollow. They have to find the solution to the problems fast because it is not just them, but another four horsemen may appear and destroy the people of the village. Will they be able to stop a range of crimes and find out who is responsible for the bloody events?


On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has received a rating of 77/100, the second season has received 100/100, and the third season has received 83/100.

Most of the critic’s reviews have been positive.

The premiere of the show has attracted 10,000,000 viewers. Sleepy Hollow is a real village but many fictional elements have been added to the story.

The second season of the show has been the most popular.  The series has been nominated for ten different awards.

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