Slasher Season 2

The series, which are full of horror and fear – this is not a format that can be seen on television frequently. But in the world there are many fans to tickle their nerves, and the filmmakers from the United States and Canada have recently presented to the public their new product called Slasher, which has been broadcasted on TV channel Chiller since March 6, 2016. The fans of this genre are excited with the plot, acting and overall show atmosrhere, drenched in mystery and fear.

However, not so long ago the first season of the show, which included 8 episodes ended. Most horror fans have grown accustomed to Slasher, so a rather logical question, which they endlessly ask the producers, is as follows: when will Slasher season 2 begin? Release date of the renewed program is still not known. The fans are eager to watch the new episode of season two and hope that the next season premiere will not keep them waiting long.
Slasher Season 2 date release

Producing Companies and Authors

The creator of this fearful project is Aaron Martin, a producer and scriptwriter of a Canadian origin. The series director is his countryman Craig David Wallace. The crew of executive producers helping in developing of the program contains the following personalities:

  • Greg Phillips;
  • Scott Garvie;
  • Christina Jennings;
  • Jonathan Ford.

There are a few TV networks responsible for the broadcasting of each new episode and the release of a coming season air date: Shaftesbury Films (Canada), Super Channel (Canada) and Chiller Films (the USA).
Slasher Season 2

Cast and Plot Peculiarities

All the events in Slasher are connected with Sarah Bennet (Katie McGrath, an actress of an Irish origin). The young woman returns to her native town 30 years after her parents were cruelly murdered. The town loves in fear under the actions of a terrifying maniac called The Executioner who in fact is just a copycat of a real murderer (Dylan Bennett played by a Canadian actor Brandon Jay McLaren). The new killer is supposed to punish the residents for their deadly things they committed earlier.

The whole plot a little recalls one more famous movie The Silence of the Lambs where the main heroine also follows the advice given her by a serial killer inprison. Anyway, the return of a similar story was appreciated highly, and the audience is waiting for the next season release date.
Slasher Season 2

Chances for Renewal

When looking at the series rating on IMDB one can see that the figure is not the highest one (6.7/10). But according to the viewers interest to the project the creators are likely to renew the program for the next season two. The first episode was watched by about 120,000 viewers, and the fans hope that all the following episodes will be scarier and even ore exciting than before.

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