Single By 30 Season 2

It’s a comedy series released by YouTube Red consisting of eight episodes in total. The cast includes Harry Shum Jr. (from Glee) and Kina Grannis (a famous YouTube musician). The cast consists of diverse actors which makes the series fully reflect colorful LA society – Asian actors a rare in American TV series.
Being a 30-year-old single is OK. It’s hard to find your place in the world no matter how old you are and what you do in life. That’s the main thing the show tells us about. It’s a down-to-earth project demonstrating real life circumstances and the way usual people deal with them. It’s just that certain age makes you get to certain goals and there’s serious difference between what the society tells you and what you really need to do.
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The story focuses on two main characters – Peter and Joanna. Some years ago, they agreed to get married if they stay single at 30.
The series starts with Peter celebrating his 30th Birthday. Joanna gets back to her mother town after her long journeys all over the world. She has seen a lot of things and passed through various circumstances.  Peter and Joanna finally see each other again after a dozen years. It’s also clearly seen that they’re still affected to each other and their mutual romantic feelings cannot stay unnoticed.
Peter and Joanna’s lives get intercepted again. They’re constantly trying to find dates for each other with a special application. There are other important characters in the show. They are Mark and Chloe, their hilarious friends. They also play a vital part in development of main characters’ relationships.
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Every new episode reveals a new step of the story showing us the way the main characters develop all together with their romantic affection. The characters’ personalities are growing fast throughout the show slowly opening themselves.
No one wants to read the spoilers if hasn’t watched the show yet, so we won’t reveal the key moments of the plot. But finale episode of season one certainly demands a continuation. We’re constantly keeping track of everything happening in the world of latest TV projects. If you’re interested when it will continue, regularly check for our updates.

Second Season Air Date

YouTube Red channel will certainly renew the series for season 2, because the plotline is evidently not finished. Let’s hope that the second season release date will soon be announced – the fans are looking forward to it!


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