Significant Mother Season 2

Looking forward to the upcoming third season of Significant Mother comedy series? Need some facts about the possible broadcasts? Don’t lose your hope, we can help you out. Each and single day we’re scanning the Net for fresh info on most popular TV series, shows, cartoons and other projects. We’re ready to share what we know about this popular American series.

General Info

Significant Mother was created by Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith in collaboration with Schuyler Telleen. The premiere episode was shown in the 3rd of August, 2015. It’s a sitcom series available on CW channel in the US.
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The Plot and The Cast

Nate is a Budding Portland restaurateur. He leads a comfortable life where everything is harmonious and predictable. One day he gets back home from a business trip and understands that all his life has turned upside down. His best friend and his roommate is dating now. The real trouble is that he’s dating with Nate’s divorced mother Lydia!
There’s one more tragic disappointment. Nate’s dad suddenly gets interested in Nates mom and wants to get her back. He often asks Nate for help and Nate can’t reject.
In a short period of time Nate gets stuck between his family affaires and romantic affaires of his friend. His habitual normal life changes once and forever. It’s not only about family and friends’ relationships. All this stuff seriously affects his personal dating life.
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The cast: Josh Zuckerman as Nate Marlowe (the main character), Nathaniel Buzolic as Jimmy Barnes (his friend and roommate), Krista Allen as Lydia Marlowe (his mother), Emma Fitzpatrick as Sam Dillinger, Jonathan Silverman as Harrison (the father) Marlowe, Jay Ali as Atticus Adams and many others.

Feedback and Facts

The feedback was quite mixed. From one point of view, most critics say that the series is quite good due to the actors and their vivid personalities. Some experts say that the series becomes boring from episode to episode because of the sameness of jokes and gags. But who cares about the critics’ opinion if it’s one of your favorite sitcom? Is the third season possible? What do you think? If you’ve got news to share, don’t be shy to do it in the comments.
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How About the 2nd Season?

There hasn’t been official info on the second season of the project so all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed cause the ratings are quite good and promising. After three episodes show Significant Mother got about 0.73 million TV viewers. The reviews are also generally positive.


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