Shoot the Messenger Season 2

Shoot the Messenger Season 2 Release Date


Shoot the Messenger is a TV drama serial, which was created in Canada. The season premiere of this brilliant serial was in October this year. But we want to present you the outstanding news – the second season is already made and you can watch it in any suitable moment. The Shoot the Messenger 2 Season release date is the 3rd of November in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast of Actors, it is rather Interesting to mention the people, who play the Main roles. So, here you will see:

  • Elyse Levesque.
  • Lucas Bryant.
  • Lyriq Bent.
  • Alex Kingston.
  • Hannah Emily Anderson.
  • Ari Cohen.
  • Edie Inksetter.

The directors of the serial are Sudz Sutherland, Grant Harvey, T. W. Peacocke, Dawn Wilkinson. The producers are Larry Bambrick, Ian Barr, Carol Hay, Victoria Woods, Tina Meister.


All the presented Story, we Main the current season is centered on Daisy Channing. She is a journalist with great talent, who become a witness of the great murder. The murder was connected with the gang, so she was very scared of it – a couple of days she event can`t talk with all the people, who surrounds her.

Later she and her business career were involved in criminal and political crimes, so the people, so she tried to move to Toronto because her Main aim was to start a new life, which will be full of exciting moments.

In this Story, you will also see the other characters, such as Mary Fowler, Daisy Olenski, Frank Lutz. They helped Daisy to tell everything about the crime and to become more confident and professional. So now you will have an opportunity to see the professional journalist, who is perfect in each deal of her life.


If you like to see the serials with crime elements, this one will be the best one for you. We propose you to watch that serial from the first season because that way will help you to estimate the Main plot and the idea of the author.

The new episode will amaze you by lots of exciting and unexpected events, so you will be satisfied with it.

When you don’t know the information about season air date, you can use such data.

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