Shetland Season 4

BBC One hasn’t so far stated the resumption of the serial under the short title “Shetland” much to the regret of admirers who are already interested in the unfolding of events depicted in the story of the project. Let’s hold out hope that it is nothing but an issue of time.

Quick review of the serial

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Shetland is reckoned to be a television project by the UK production. The multipart movie makes in fact for the criminal drama. The broadcasting is held on one of the leading channels in Great Britain called BBC. The opening of the project took place at the start of spring 2013. The latest third season has debuted this year on the original home channel if to be more concrete in the middle of January.
The first series was in the form of a single pilot consisted of two parts. The remaining sequential seasons included 6 episodes each. Every episode is lasting for about  30 minutes. Shetland turns to be developed by such production company as ITV Studios especially for BBC. The team of executive producers consists of such personalities as  Christopher Aird, Elaine Collins, and Kate Bartlett.
The acting cast is composed of such main actor and actress as Douglas Henshall and Alison O’Donnell.

What is the project about?

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The story takes place in Shetland perched in Scotland. The principal character of the story is the investigator of crimes named Jimmy Perez. He comes to be assisted by the detectie Alison “Tosh” MacIntosh.
Together they are on the trail of the criminals who are to be punished for murders that take place in the community of their island which is truly magnificent in terms of the abundance of beautiful landscapes that are creating a special atmosphere in the story.

Some info about the ranking of the serial

The ratings of the series have turned to be more than just average. So the story is not the ordinary representative of the criminal genre. The total number of viewers is fluctuation between 4.8 and 5.3 million people. There is also no decrease in this number. That makes us state that the serial rating is growing with new episodes appearing regularly.

Can we hope for the criminal series to be resumed?

Shetland Season 4 Cast
If to take into consideration the growing popularity of the unusual criminal drama, there appears a strong probability that new episodes united in the regular season this time number four will certainly gladden us.
However, so far the developers keep everything in secret not willing to make the situation clear to the audience. It is considered to be not so right police, as the admirers of the project are looking forward to some news at least to the announcement that the new chapter will be released later in the near future.
So while there is no concrete data about the possibility of the resumption and moreover about the Shetland season 4 release date, it is highly recommended to monitor the situation together with us in order to catch the coming news timely.


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