Sherlock Season 4

Everyone’s favorite character by A. Conan Doyle is soon appearing again on PBStelevision channel: Sherlock season 4 release date has recently been announced.

A cult hero of a beloved detective saga returns: the fans can breathe easy, as the long-awaited continuation was being awaited for a long period of time. Since the release of the show on July 25, 2010 the series has gathered a lot of lovers of this story, which has received a second life thanks to the professionalism and the creative approach of the authors. The renewed project is sure to be presented at the very beginning of the next year: the fourth season air date is scheduled for January 1, 2017. Very soon the whole world if the famous Sherlock Holmes and his not less outstanding colleague Dr. John Watson will continue their amazing investigations.
Sherlock Season 4 date release

Writers and Creators

An unusual feature of Sherlock is its limited number of episodes: by today it has been presented only 10 episodes. The running time of each new episode is similar to a full-format movie (85 – 90 minutes).

The creators who borrowed Conan Doyle’s idea and developed it into a new story are:

  • an English producer and actor Mark Gatiss who also took part in the series as Sherlock’s elder brother Mycroft Holmes;
  • a producer and writer of a Scottish origin Steven Moffat;
  • a scriptwriter from England Stephen Thompson;
  • Beryl Vertue, an executive producer.

Sherlock Season 4

The countries of origin are the United Kingdom and the US. The official network broadcasting the series and responsible for the release of coming season four is PBS, but the program is also aired on BBC One. The companies distributing Sherlock are BBC Wales, Hartswood Films and WGBH.

Cast and Characters

The two main and the most colorful characters are:

  • Sherlock Holmes, a practitioner detective from London. His brilliant mind and deductive method of investigating allows him to disclose the most unusual criminal cases in a few minutes, but due to his eccentric manner of behavior Sherlock has virtually no friends;
  • Dr. John Watson, who used to be a military doctor feeling depression after his injury, but after the acquaintance with Sherlock his life changes and he becomes involved into Holmes’ deeds and an unusual whirl of events.

Sherlock Season 4

The other characters are also borrowed from Doyle’s stories: inspector Lestrade, Jim Moriarty, Mrs. Hudson, etc. Return on the Screen It’s already known when the new season premiere will be presented to the public. It will happen on January 1, 2017.

The series has an amazing rating of 9.3/10 on IMDB, which is one of the highest results in today’s cinematograph. The fourth season release date is being looked forward to by an incredible number of viewers around the whole world. So, stay tuned and follow the schedule not to miss the premiere of this outstanding series.

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