Shameless Season 7

Family dramedy under the title “Shameless” is renewed already for the seventh season though its latest sixth circle of episodes has been launched this year in particular in January.

Giving a sketch of the dramedy

Being added to the programming list of the HBO channel back to 2009 but at the same year moving to Showtime, Shameless now is the long-running project which has got already six installments at disposal.
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As the cooperative product of Bonanza Productions, John Wells Productions, Warner Bros. Television and Sterling Films, the series is a dramedy in its core though the theme for depiction is rather poignant.
The acting cast includes Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White, Emma Kenney, Joan Cusack, Justin Chatwin, Shanola Hampton and also William H. Macy in the principal role of a single father.
The creation of this project has been the challenge for Paul Abbott (State of Play, Hit & Miss) from the very start of the production process. Following the retrospective journey, we should mention the every background of the story lying in the award-winning British series of the same name that was broadcast from 2004 to 2013. The latest season saw the light of day at the very start of this year providing the viewers with twelve episodes.

Narrative details

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The major part of scenes in this series are shot in Burbank though the action in the plot takes place in Chicago.
So the principals of this story are the member of the family but not a usual family. The case is that it is a dysfunctional social unit of Frank Gallagher, a single father of six kids. The situation is sad there as the head of this family is drunk in most cases so his children are to take care of themselves.

Ratings and approval

Embarking on the series ratings, we should first of all not that the series is peculiar for much anticipation appearing among viewers when a regular circle bows out. The constant announcing of the possibility of future chapters is the main proof here.

As for the seventh season

Shameless Season 7 Cast
As we are aware of the recent announcements, the series is renewed for the seventh season after the release of the sixth one this January. This resumption could be taken for granted due to the series standing as the high-rated show on its channel.
The developers assure us that the seventh chapter is to be compiled as well of twelve episodes. The schedule promised us that the start of the next installment would be held at the beginning of the following year. But as the matter stands we have received another Shameless season 7 release date that is now formally confirmed. So it is this October 2, 2016, in the USA. So this early launch is much reasonable as the network’s primetime will be competing with one of the Starz networks that are going to put a few of its shows on Sunday nights. So the channel should catch up with all events in order to increase its popularity.


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