Shades of Blue Season 2

Brief Review

It is a new crime drama by American production where Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jeffery, and Ray Liotta together with other members of the acting cast perform their part brilliantly.

The freshman season premiere is dated back to the start of this year. Precisely, the first season release date is January 14, 2016. The distributor is the NBC channel. Adi Hasak works on this cinematographic project as an immediate developer.
Shades of Blue Season 2 date release
The companies behind the fabrication are the following:

  • ADI TV Studios,
  • Ryan Seacrest Productions,
  • Nuyorican Productions,
  • EGTV Productions,
  • Universal Television,
  • Jack Orman Productions.

Plot Summary

Harlee Santos is a charming investigator who has been chosen as an FBI informant. Being reluctant to serve as a double agent, she works to run an expose on Lieutenant Matt Wozniak (Liotta) who is the corrupt precinct head. The zest of the story is that Matt is her closest fellow. While trying to accomplish her work, she needs to deal with her financial problems and bring up a teenage daughter on her own.
Shades of Blue Season 2

What Are Ratings?

The scores on various aggregator websites, as well as the reviews, are average. On IMDB, it constitutes 6.8 out of 10, as for today. On Metacritic, it is a little bit lower – 58 from 100. According to multiple commentaries, the series has a predictable and uninteresting narrative. The performance of Lopez is noted as practically the only one advantage there. Yet is the situation so sad indeed?

The viewership is surprisingly high with almost 6 million watchers per each new episode upon average. With such controversial situation, we need to know what you personally think of it. Share your impressions from the freshman broadcast with us!
Shades of Blue Season 2

Current Status

Though being proclaimed uninteresting, the series has presented many compelling twists and cliffhangers in the plot during the final hour. This together with the immediate resumption cannot but please loyal followers of this project. When will the new season air date be exposed? So as the series is revived, Shades of Blue season 2 release date can be revealed very soon since the debut is scheduled for the start of the upcoming 2017 year. We just need to monitor the situation closely in order to deliver everything to you in time. Stay tuned with us!

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