Sensitive Skin Season 2 Release Date

Sensitive Skin Season 2 Release Date


Sensitive Skin season 2 premiere is still a dark comic drama, she plays Davina Jackson, an ex-performer and model having an emotional meltdown. She lives in a chic Toronto space flat, has a despondent person spouse and a destitute child, is confronting up to maturing and has begun conversing with herself.

Sensitive Skin season 2 release date was announced for the late spring of 2016. There are possible changes in the schedule of HBO Canada, so wait for the official release date of Sensitive Skin season 2 in Canada and United States.


Kim Cattrall, Don McKellar, Elliott Gould, Colm Feore will re-appear in Sensitive Skin season 2 episode 1.


Sensitive Skin season 2 premiere is a Canadian melodramatic comedy series that tells the Story of a woman in the process of experience midlife crisis. Her soft skin, great sense of humor, which was transformed into a no less excellent sarcasm and understanding that its best years have long gone and now it is necessary to live and hope for the future adventures. The film will be of interest to women of all ages, and developments in the film will be the most dynamic and interesting – as far as is at all possible for this kind of show. Sensitive Skin is a TV show is not only for girls but for their life partners.

Interesting Facts

Sensitive Skin is a Canadian dark drama TV arrangement being an adjustment of British arrangement of same name, made by Hugo Blick;

The show’s six-scene beginning season was composed by comic Bob Martin and coordinated by Don McKellar;

The arrangement debuted on HBO Canada on July 20, 2014;

The arrangement was restored for a brief moment season, with discharge continuing in the Spring of 2016 in Toronto;

On July third of 2015, the cast star Kim Cattrall reported which season 2 had completed the process of recording;

The starting period of Sensitive Skin was designated for 6 Canadian Screen Awards and won four, including Best Actor in a Continuing Leading Comedic Role.

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Sensitive Skin Season 2 Promo 2

Sensitive Skins – season 2, ep.3

Sensitive Skin’s Kim Cattrall & Don McKellar

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