Secrets and Lies Season 2

The ABC channel presented a new criminal project in the previous year. This series seems to obtain practically a unanimous acclaim. And fortunately, the developers have announced officially the launch o the series resumption in the form of the second season.

Basic info you need to know about the drama

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Secrets and Lies is the title for the mystery project on the American ABC channel. The leader of the behind-the-scene crew is Barbie Kligman. The series plot reminds the narrative of the Australian serial which was broadcast under the same title. The crime drama is only at the beginning of its unfolding. We mean that the series now have only one released season and another one being currently under way. The fist season with its episodes number 20 was given a birth in the first day of a previous spring. The duration of each part numbers about 45 minutes.
The acting crew is composed of such leading actors as Juliette Lewis, Ryan Phillippe, KaDee Stricklan, and some others.

What should we know about the storyline of this criminal drama?

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The story is frankly speaking quite predictable at the beginning however while the things are unfolding the narrative begins to touch a raw nerve. So let’s become closer to the essence of the story.
One day a man who comes out for jogging finds a dead boy of 4 years lying on the ground. This man turns to be at once the principal supposed criminal in this case. His career together with his family relations is now put at stake. Everything seems like to flicker out in his life.
Ben Crawford is the name of this suspect. He has his own business working as an independent decorator. The Detective Andrea Cornell is sure that he is guilty of the murder. While the investigation is in progress, he turns to a kind of the outlaw in the community of the area.  The plot is chock-full of unexpected turns and thus is considered to be captivating and really thrilling. This particularly adds to the suspense in which the viewers are kept during watching.
It is now known that the leading actor of the series named Ryan Phillippe is not to participate in the filming of the second season. He will be replaced by Michael Ealy who will be depicting the newly married man whose wife turns to be killed. The police detective will be the same according to the official data.

Ratings and renewals

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The serial seems to find its audience. Though the reviews from critics are more or less mixed, the common people have accepted the premiere season with flying flowers. The audiences count more than 6 million people.
Two months after the final episode release, the developers rendered a verdict shaping the fate of their film child. So the series will get its resumption in the form of the second chapter. So far, however, we are not aware of the Secrets and Lies season 2 release date. Stay tuned with us in order to be informed about the release date and other interesting features of the upcoming season timely.


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