Secret City Season 1 Release Date

Secret City Season 1 Release Date


The fans of original TV series made and broadcasted by Showcase cable network should definitely wait for the brand new TV show called Secret City. 

Secret City season 1 release date was announced by Showcase channel for June 5, 2016. There are rumors that there will be no release date of Secret City season 1 on Bluray and DVD.


The Main role Secret City season 1 will be played the star of the series Fringe Anna Torv. Besides Anna, in Secret season 1 release you will see such Actors as Alice Chaston, Alex Dimitriades, Jacki Weaver, Ferdinand Hoang, Aleks Mikic and Max Brown.


The Main character in Secret City season 1 episode 1 is a correspondent Harriet Dunkley, laced in the social and political clashes in China and the United States, is investigating the mysterious long-standing case, due to which the samples were carried out custom slaughter. Dunkley discovers that in Canberra, Australia’s capital city, in fact, there is a certain secret town where influential corrupt civil servants compete with the other sisters in the board.

Interesting Facts

  • Secret City season 1 premiere is the series of the founders of Deadline Gallipoli that was based on the novel The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code from the creators Chris Ullman and Steve Lewis;
  • The first six episodes of the series Secret City were shot in Canberra in late summer 2015;
  • Conspiracy drama with the original name Secret City is also developed by the Australian TV channel Foxtel (known for the prison drama Wentworth). But the release date of Secret City season 1 on Australain network is not yet known.

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