Scandal Season 6

The thrilling story with a somewhat intriguing title, “Scandal”, will come back on our TV screens with a new chapter. This time, it’s going to be number 6. So let us turn our attention to the story narrated in the serial.

Quick outline of the project

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Before describing the narrative, let’s have a quick outlook of the project. For starters, let’s name the people creating this thriller. First and foremost, we have to say that the serial is based on real events in the life of PR expert Judy Smith. The leader of the behind-the-scene crew is Shonda Rhimes. She’s known for her brilliant creativity in such a project as “Grey’s Anatomy”, considered to be a real breakthrough in the history of the international television since 2005.
The central actor is Kerry Washington who plays the protagonist. The opening of the project took place in spring 2012. At the moment, the viewers have five seasons to watch. The last one, by the way, debuted at the end of September in the past year. The home channel of the serial is ABC.

Narrative details

The main heroine is a young woman. Her name is Olivia Pope. She is an XO of her company that specializes in crisis management. The staff, including Olivia, solve various issues every day. They maintain the public image of the high class and attempt to prevent political scandals.
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Her crew includes an investigator, a lawyer, a computer hacker, and a litigator. There are also some other rival characters. But these are the main ones. All of them work directly with the people connected with the White House. One of the goals of Olivia’s team is to save the private lives of politicians from the dirt connected with their work.

What is about the rating level?

The serial was accepted with flying colors. We can prove this statement with the total number of viewers. It fluctuates between 7 and more than 10 million people. Isn’t it impressive? Worth taking into consideration while deciding whether the project is worth further continuation. There is no doubt that it is a firm ground to shape the future of the project in favor of its production, at least for the several following years.

Can we hope for the serial to be renewed for another chapter?

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According to a tradition of the production company of the serial, projects’ renewals are announced at the end of spring. With a new president of the company, a new strategy arrived. That’s why we have a confirmation about the launch of the series.
However, so far, there is no date about the Scandal season 6 release date. Info about other events concerning the upcoming chapter is also unavailable.

Update: Scandal Season 6 Release Date Out!

What does it mean, to wait for somethingthree weeks straight? Why, that would be scandalous.
If that’s what you think, right you are! Indeed, that would be scandalous since the series that is to come out soon is Scandal. And we’ll have to wait for three weeks for it to do so. But hey, three weeks aren’t three months, so there’s that. So then, when does this season arrive? That’s an easy question to answer. We’ll get to see season 6 on January 19, 2017. Three weeks.
Meanwhile, you should make sure you’re subscribed to us. That way, you will never miss out a change in the schedule, if there will be one. Even not taking that into account, you will get a notice if information about season 7 appears. That makes subscribing a must.


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