Safe House Season 2

As a new addition to the genre of criminal genres, Safe House turns to be now the project that has survived after the probation first season having been resumed already for the second installment that is to be aired later this year.

Some central info about the newbie

Penned by Paula Cuddy and directed by Marc Evans, Safe House is the newcomer in the genre of criminal dramas. So let’s accept and give a piece of our attention as it deserves it actually.
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Revising the series, we should mention that the procedural drama is aired on ITV channel in the UK. So it is a channel with average ratings, it is not BBC. That’s why we should not expect some great rating numbers though they are possible due to the plot being quite unique.
Andrew Benson (Mad Dogs, Strike Back) leads the team of producers. Christopher Eccleston, Marsha Thomason, and Paterson Joseph spearhead the acting cast of the project.
The series first and so far the latest debut is dated back to April 20, 2015. The pioneer season includes four one-hour episodes. So it is something of a miniseries that is expected to be expanded in the near future.

Plot summary

The plot center here is Robert, the main characters who used to be a police officer. Once he got a job to protect a valuable witness to hide it. But he failed to cope with this task. As a result, the witness was killed and Robert was kicked off the police.
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After being retired, he makes up his mind to settle in a small village. Several years have passed before his boss comes to him, as he needs his help. A special assignment is to be entrusted to him, as his experience is enough to cope with it.
The new task involves thus protecting one family chased by a serial killer. Therefore, he embarks on hiding this family after agreeing to return to his duties. The question is now whether he manages to handle this case as now the whole family is under his protection, not just one person and this is much more difficult.

Ratings and reviews

The series was perceived as something really worth watching it each time new episodes appear. The reviews from critics are much more than simply favorable as they underline that the series is full of suspense, cliffhangers, as well as the proper acting. Therefore, it comes to be obvious that the series is now an integral part of the programming list of ITV.
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Catching up with the news

The news that the series was revived came off in the preceding year when the final episodes were released. The developers thus were inspired by the positive response from the audience. It seems now like that have not even expected such a feedback. But here it is and there is no way out but to turn the newbie into the settler.
The second chapter is expected to appear later this year. Much to our regret, we have no info regarding the Safe House season 2 release date. Nevertheless, let’s keep abreast of new installments as it can appear at any moment now.


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