Rusted Development Season 3

Rusted Development Season 3 Release Date


Rusted Development is an American serial with reality elements. Here you will the efforts of car master to find out the classic examples and to sell them at the highest price after the redesign. The season premiere was on March in the year of 2014. But now we want to underline the 3rd season, which is already available for everyone. The Rusted Development 3 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016, so you can watch it and enjoy almost the whole episodes.


To talk about the cast for that serial, we must mention, that here you wouldn’t see so many people, the only two Main characters will appear here and their names are Rick Dore and Chuck Palumbo. They are very good car masters and they believe, that with help of the talent and great work experience they will reach the general aim.


In that season in the center of attention, you will see the car repair by the title Rusted Development. Here the two Main characters work. They are the best gurus in such deal and in the new season they will try to rebuild legendary cars in order to sell them by the high price for extreme lovers.

That expert also face different problems, which appear very suddenly. But together they work for years, so each problem they solve with help of professional approach and specialists, who always help them in such an unusual deal. That is a good example of a true friendship and one hobby for two people.


If you have a car and you want to know, how to repair it, you must see that season and you will understand, that you know a lot about it. Also, people, who have a dream to buy a car must watch it because this TV show will help you to come closer to your dream.

Pay attention, that children wouldn’t be so interested in it, so such serial is not for everyone. In each new episode, you will see the peculiarities of one or another car. Also here you will know, what are the Main reasons of a car crashing.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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