“Rosewood” Season 2

"Rosewood" Season 2


"Rosewood" (Season 2, release date – September 22, 2016) is a detective drama with a touch and a good sense of humor. Continuation of the American television series detective prepared by the film studio 20th Century Fox Television commissioned by the Fox TV channel.


  • Morris Chestnut,
  • Gabrielle Dennis,
  • Jessica Ortiz,
  • Lorraine Toussaint,
  • Anna Konkl,
  • Michael Andrew Baker,
  • Christian Diaz,
  • Ryan W. Garcia,
  • Stacy Hall,
  • Lucas S. Lockwood


Very Interesting detective series tells about unique pathologist, who can help to deal with the most difficult crimes in Miami. Watching Rosewood, you can actually notice a young man with a medical degree in his own super stranded laboratory. Nothing is impracticable for the Main character. He takes up the most bizarre and intricate offense. As soon as others descend the hand, the cause is taken by Rosewood. Inquisitive pathologist disappears at work all day. He provides for everything, even the smallest detail that can help the police fully recreate the picture of any crime.

Not heavy and very Interesting, joyous it is a picture of the private detective pathologist, optimist in life Beaumont Rosewood junior. In Miami, he has a personal laboratory equipped with the best technology in the world. For the doctor it is not present anything nor feasible. Having medical education, Beaumont should be impossible to combat crime; the police can assist in identifying the most intricate crimes and easily recreates the scene of crime. Prof. medic – Rosewood, conducts research on human bodies, and reports on the death of the patient, these things that skilled investigators are unable to suspect. Investigators often turn to the Main hero that he might assist in identifying the most turbid matters.

Of course, the doctor is not afraid of challenges. Convinced personal relics and professionalism, he can help the cops in apprehending criminals. Rosewood is working in tandem with the detective, beautiful  Wii. She has a great resourcefulness and together they carry the benefit of the people. Young woman in pretty much like the pathologist, although it neglects gestures of attention, enthusiasm and did not allow familiarity. Actions television series, developed incredibly quickly, you are waiting for the episodes, sometimes quite lovely.


The first TV project came to our screens on 23 September in 2015.

The first season of the series had acquired more than 7 million fans.

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