RoomieLoverFriends Season 2

A new comedy broadcast on BET is waiting now when its creators decide the fate. At the current moment, the developers keep mum concerning the future of the project. Let’s hold out hope that the formal decision will be in favor of further production.

What is known specifically about the serial?

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RoomieLoverFriends is basically a fresh comedy on the American television. The serial presents also a romantic story that focuses on the relationships that the roommates are building up. The acting cast turns to be led by Shayla Hale, Andra Fuller, and Yaani King.
The serial turns to be created specifically by Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier. As far as the debut is concerned, it was held on the serial home channel titled BET in the middle of September in the antecedent year.
It is curious that originally, the serial presented a web serial broadcast on Black&Sexy TV that was full of entertaining shows as such. The premiere of the original spinoff of “A Good Day to be Black and Sexy” was set in the far 2011 year.
Then a contract for broadcasting was signed between BET and Black&Sexy TV and the serial has got a new life on a new TV channel. The total duration of the pioneer chapter constitutes by the way about 4 hours.
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Plot summary

The principal characters of the serial are reckoned to be Tamiko and Jay. They are the roommates whose relationship turns to become undefined after they find themselves in one bed together one day. The main idea of the story is whether it is a new stage in their relations or not.
The comedy turns to be in fact relaxing and entertaining and doesn’t touch some series questions of life importance. You just watch it and have a rest, nothing more. This is considered to be the main advantage of this project or maybe a disadvantage. In any case, the serial has its certain fan base which is looking forward to the appearance of new episodes.

As far as the rating as well as the renewal is concerned

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So far there is no information about the renewal of the story for the sophomore chapter. The developers seem like waiting for the final rating numbers. So it will hinge mainly on the amount of viewership and the favorable reviews coming from critics as well as from common watchers. If the success is reckoned to be quite average a probability exists that the serial won’t get another run in the shape of the sophomore chapter.
As the release was held as far back as in the previous year, it is very much likely now that we will receive news in the near future. So we must keep abreast of the situation in order to get you notified about the confirmation of either the resumption or the cancellation of the story.  The news should come timely to you to prevent you from missing the premiere of your favorite serial on BET.
So let’s wait for the appearance of the official renewal and the RoomieLoverFriends season 2 release date if you are interested in this particular project.


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