Rookie Blue 7 Season Release Date

Rookie Blue 7 season release date

Rookie Blue 7 season release date was confirmed. The details are given below.

The fans of the police drama are waiting for Rookie Blue season 7 episode 1 premiere the next year after 6 successful seasons.

The Plot:

The job of the police officers is very difficult and dangerous. They need to know a lot of different nuances to brilliantly cope with its task. Police work in the big city bears for a huge number of dangers, especially, if you’re new to the business. No one knows what the new day will bring a surprise: a bank robbery, terrorism or the brutal murder. The cop needs to stay cool and sober assessment of the situation. Otherwise, the rest area residents will be under threat.
Rookie Blue tells us about the difficult path of a man who chose to become a police officer. We show the history of the cops from the time of their training at the Police Academy. It has become known that the project will be continued for the 7Th season or even the 8th season.

Rookie Blue 7 season release date was confirmed

But it became known from official sources, the showrunner Tessie Cameron leaves the project. But she also said that she gave the project into the good hands. The new producer will be Sherry White, who will give the series the new look. Of course, the common appearance of the previous seasons will be saved.
Rookie Blue 7 season release date has been scheduled for spring of 2016.
Rookie Blue 7 season release date on DVD and Bluray is expected in summer of 2016.
While waiting watch for Rookie Blue 6 season trailer:

Will you wait for Rookie Blue 7 season premiere?

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